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You'll find lots of interesting things here which will tell you a little bit about the sort of work that l do, and what services that l offer to Health Care personnel as well as to the public generally.





Clinical Nutrition is not just some fancy name for getting people to eat more healthy & nutritious foods, however admirable that may seem!


Clinical Nutrition is all about appreciating and understanding how our bodies work at a cellular and biochemical level.


It's all about how we function as an individual, given the various influences of our genetic inheritance, medical history, our food choices and eating patterns together with the effects that our physical environment plays in our overall health and well-being. 


It's all about understanding what makes us who we really are.



At Peninsula Clinical Nutrition, we actively promote the science of Nutritional Balancing, utilizing both Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and a range of specialized Functional Pathology tests. We often see patients whose symptoms defy normal medical diagnosis, because the underlying cause(s) of the problem have not been uncovered. Such patients often go for many years, not really understanding why they feel ill, and wondering if their symptoms are purely psychological. However, when you do the right tests, you get the right answers and you get to the bottom of the problem. It's only then can you treat the condition appropriately.




Whether you're concerned about particular aspects of your health & well-being, whether it's about your lack of energy or motivation for living, whether it's regarding your concerns about exposure to heavy metals & environmental toxins, Peninsula Clinical Nutrition can help you!


We offer Consultative services together with the most up-to-date biochemical and biological testing to uncover the hidden causes of your medical and/or psychological dysfunction. Please see our Clinical Services page to discover how we can be of the most assistance to you.




One of my particular interests are the clinical presentations of heavy metal toxicities and the disturbance of normal physiological relationships that such toxicity engenders.


Two such synergistic relationships are that between Mercury and Copper on one hand and Iron and Copper on the other. Excess of any of these 3 metals causes all manner of problems for the individual, which fortunately, can be readily diagnosed and treated. See our pages on Mercury and Copper Toxicities for further information.


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