Clinical  Services



At Peninsula Clinical Nutrition, we provide the following Clinical Services:


  1. Nutritional Consultation


We provide personalized one-on-one nutritional counselling for a whole range of medical conditions, including Diabetes, Heart disease, Celiac disease, Anxiety & Depression, CFS (ME) & PTSD, Inflammatory bowel disease, Autoimmune diseases (incl. SLE & ASIA Syndrome) and many others. Nutritional counselling is also invaluable for anyone (young & old) suffering long-term conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Anorexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cancer (all types), Chronic neurological conditions incl. Parkinson's disease & Steele-Richardson Syndrome, Heavy Metal toxicities, Chronic Renal failure and various  gastrointestinal disorders.




Standard Fees

Pensioners &

H-C Card holders

Initial Consultation

( 2 - 3 hours)



Follow-up consultation

(1 - 2 hours)



Follow-up consultation

(Half - 1 hour)



Skype or telephone consultations

(Within Australia)

$37-50 per 10 minutes,

billed in 5 minute increments

$29-50 per 10 minutes,

billed in 5 minute increments


International Skype Consultations are now available!


Costs are USD $295-00 per hour pro rata, charged in 10 minute blocks.

Minimum charge USD $395-00.


It may change your life forever!


Please note that all currency referred to in this website is in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated (see below). Consultative services are GST-free, but are NOT rebateable by Medicare. Full payment is required on the day of service. We accept cash, cheque and major Credit Cards (VISA & MasterCard). These fees are correct as of 15/10/2015 and are subject to change without notice. Home visits within the Eastern Melbourne Metropolitan area or Mornington Peninsula will incur an additional fee of $85-00. For home visits outside of these areas, please call to discuss.


  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)


The cost of this service is AUD $195-00, payable by cash, cheque or Credit Card. (Please add AUD $19-50 for postage & handling if sending from outside of Australia.)


This includes the analysis of 36 elements including 15 Nutritional Elements, 14 Trace Elements and 7 Heavy Metals by ICP-MS (Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), which is the gold standard for the analysis of chemicals in hair tissue. The same elements can also be analysed in fingernail & toenail samples and these tests are performed where hair tissue is unavailable. These tests are performed by Trace Elements Inc (TEI) in Addison, Texas, through their Australian agents, InterClinical Laboratories in Sydney.


In addition, with all reports, you receive two additional charts and one table, which list the ratios of the various Nutritional & Trace Elements together with nine different ratios involving the Heavy Metals Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) as compared with major Nutritional Elements. These ratios are vital in the understanding of what is actually happening within your organs & cellular tissues, at a biochemical level.


Furthermore, each Report is accompanied by a personalised (NOT computer-generated) Commentary & Analysis, which enables you to make sense of what the report actually means. Of course, should one wish to discuss the contents of the report further, you may contact Peninsula Clinical Nutrition directly to arrange either a one-on-one, Skype or telephone consultation as desired. We accept referrals from overseas countries, provided that valid postal AND email addresses are supplied with the request.


  1. DMSA Challenge Tests


These tests are performed to confirm the extent of either Copper or Heavy Metal Toxicities.


All heavy metals are toxic to the body and may be stored in bone, brain, liver, kidneys or other internal organs. The Challenge Test is recommended for selected patients, based upon personal history, occupational history and the results of the Hair Analysis. The test involves taking an early morning urine sample, following which several capsules of the chelating agent DMSA are swallowed and the urine collected for the next 24hrs. 50mls of each sample are then sent to Micro Trace Minerals Laboratory in Germany for analysis. Please see our information sheet for further details.


The costs for these tests are two-fold: i.e. [a) PLUS b)] = Total Cost of Challenge Test


  1.    a)  Laboratory charges are either 70.00 € (x2) or 98.00 € (x2), depending upon the complexity of the analyses required and are payable directly to the Laboratory via VISA or MasterCard. Currency conversion from EURO to AUD will take place automatically when the account is processed. The choice of test is principally based upon the results of your hair analysis; however your occupational history may also influence this choice. It is recommended that you forward the paired urine samples by Registered Post to Micro Trace Minerals Laboratory in Hersbruck, Germany. Results are normally available within 10-14 working days upon receipt of your samples at the Laboratory.


b)  Costs for the test kit and reports: AUD $125-00, which includes the supply of  DMSA  & Glycine capsules required for these tests. This fee is payable to Peninsula Clinical Nutrition upon completion of your test. Your urine results will be compared with your HTMA (hair) results when compiling your individual report. If you reside overseas, please contact us by email to confirm any additional costs that may potentially be incurred.


  1. Personal Nutritional Assessment


By the use of specialized functional pathology testing, we can assess the status of literally dozens of nutrients and chemicals in your body. These include such things as:


  • Adrenal hormones

  • Amino acids in blood or urine

  • Antioxidants

  • Cholesterol / Triglyceride levels and Cholesterol sub-classes

  • Coenzyme Q10 & Glutathione levels

  • Cortisol levels in saliva & urine

  • Essential Fatty Acids including Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals

  • Insulin resistance assessment for pre-diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome

  • Iodine - both random urines & Iodine Loading tests

  • Melatonin levels in saliva & urine

  • Organic acids involved in energy production by the body

  • Urinary electrolytes

  • Vitamin D


  • Testing for food allergies and intolerances – comprehensive panels of various Western, Asian & vegetarian foods, food additives, herbs & spices, certain antibiotics & anti-inflammatory drugs can all be tested


  • Testing for environmental pollutants – including metabolites of benzene, xylene, toluene, styrenes and phthalates

  • Gluten sensitivity testing including genetic testing for susceptibility to gluten-related disorders


  • Neurotransmitter testing for people suffering from chronic anxiety and depression

  • Liver Detox Phase I & Phase II testing and many, many others!


These specialized tests are performed by Nutripath Laboratories in Melbourne and typically involve the collection of blood, urine, saliva or stool samples for appropriate testing. There are an extensive collection of such tests available, which enable us to elucidate the causes behind many of the symptoms you may be experiencing. These tests are NOT covered by Medicare or Health funds, but do contribute to the threshold for out-of-pocket Medical expenses, above which a 20% rebate may be claimed on your annual Tax return.


Most tests are supplied in kit form, with Reply-Paid envelopes provided for return of the samples to the Laboratory.


These tests may be arranged at the time of either an Initial or Follow-up Consultation. Please be aware however, that for medico-legal reasons, these Tests cannot be performed without prior Clinical assessment by Peninsula Clinical Nutrition staff. They are therefore NOT available by mail order.


5. Consultative Services for Health-Care Personnel


These are Advisory Services to assist Health Care Practitioners (GPs, Medical Specialists, Dentists, Naturopaths etc.) wishing to discuss the management of patients with complex conditions within an Integrative Medical framework. Such services are provided by phone or Skype, are strictly confidential and completely free.


Please note that you MUST be a registered Health Care Practitioner within Australia or New Zealand

to take advantage of this service.